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Because your shoulder has greater mobility than other joints it is very susceptible to injury.

The worst part about injuring your shoulder is that it limits many of your daily routine tasks which require the motion of your shoulder to successfully achieve such as, carrying something, picking something up, reaching for an object or doing any upper body exercise.

Shoulder pain can be caused by several different events or conditions such as, rotator cuff tears, strains, general wear and tear due to ageing, bruising, and many more.

The most common source of shoulder pain tends to be related in some way to poor spinal alignment and poor posture.

How does Chiropractic help with shoulder pain?

Here are Placentia Linda Chiropractic we are able to help with shoulder problems for people of all ages.

First, we identify the cause, then we work with you to figure out the best way to treat your shoulder.

Every case of shoulder pain is different, but in some cases the problem is centered on the cervical spine (neck) which will be carefully examined and adjusted by your chiropractor.

As you progress through regular sessions with your chiropractor you will not only receive relief care but also learn about a range of factors that will help with your shoulder pain such as the ergonomics of your office chair and even the way you sleep which we help you with through regular visits.

Our goal is to help you recover from shoulder pain quickly and effectively, while creating lasting changes in your body that prevent shoulder pain from returning in the future.

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Dr. Art Francis has 30 years experience as a chiropractor. He is dedicated to helping his patients heal naturally through quality chiropractic care.

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