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Dr. Art Francis


Helping people reach their health goals is Dr. Francis’s passion. He has a heritage in natural health. His grandfather started practicing chiropractic in 1923 in Tustin, California. He has a brother, 5 cousins and 2 uncles who are chiropractors.

His passion started young as he saw patients come from all over the world to his grandfather who was a true healer. That has been his life’s work to be a healer like him. He studied chiropractic at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic graduating in 1988. His experience has led him to help countless people relieve their pain and suffering and reach optimum health.

Dr. Francis has training in and advanced certifications in chiropractic biophysics, the Blair upper cervical technique, activator, ART, Graston, spinal decompression and is a Q.M.E. (qualified medical evaluator).

As a previous college basketball player and athlete, he has helped all athletes from weekend warriors to the elite athlete perform at their peak and navigate sports injuries. He has special interest in the youthful athlete having 8 children of his own and has worked to keep them healthy as they became accomplished athletes.

He has been involved in his community serving as the President of the Chamber of Commerce and being a volunteer youth coach for 23 years. He has been active in his church having had multiple volunteer positions.

Helping people live a pain free optimum life is his passion. He would be honored to be your trusted health partner.

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