Poor Posture

Are you looking at improving your posture? Do you sit in an office chair daily, or complete repetitive manual tasks? If you experience the following symptoms, talk to our experienced Chiropractor, Dr. Art Francis, here at Placentia Linda Chiropractic today.

Are you experiencing:

“Sit up, keep your back straight and shoulders back!”

We have all heard this advice before.

Good posture does not only look appealing and make you feel more confident; good posture has been linked to improved cognitive function, increased longevity, improved energy levels, and of course the alleviation and prevention of pain.

If your posture is not the best, then chances are your spine is not correctly aligned.

Improving your posture:

Chronic poor posture leads to spine and nerve damage, and so by focusing on aligning the spine correctly, your chiropractor will work towards decreasing excessive weight that may be putting a strain on joint surfaces.

When you come in for your first session at Placentia Linda Chiropractic we will examine your body as a whole and figure out the exact cause of your poor posture.

We will be working on correcting and improving your posture over the course of regular adjustment as well as recommending changes to how you go about daily activities such as walking, sitting and sleeping.

While we do love to see our patients come in and visit us for their adjustments, at the end of the day our goal is to see you less because that means you are getting better.

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Meet Dr. Art

Dr. Art Francis has 30 years experience as a chiropractor. He is dedicated to helping his patients heal naturally through quality chiropractic care.

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